Saturday, November 3, 2012

Houston International Quilt Festival

WOW! it has been 7 months since the last post... I have moved over to tumblr for posting bloggie stuffs. But here is the rundown for today. I met Alex Anderson from The Quilt Show. She admired my hat.  

I saw many quilts that I liked, most of the signs politely asked that no photos were taken, and i respected their wishes so this was the only quilt i took a photo of, it has robots on it!

The next set of photos are from the doll section. I took pics of the steampunk inspired dolls. There were many!

All in all i had a great time. I took my mother-in-law with me as she is a quilter herself and we had a great time! 

Check the etsy store: for new products and new hats. Thanks and have a great holiday season! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

News, updates, et al... - Andi

I have been so busy and feel so guilty about neglecting the blog. But , I actually have some time today!

It is Easter and my sickly hubz is napping on the couch next to me. The Chinese 5 spice ribs are in the crock pot, and I am catching up on my dvr-ed Martha Stewart Shows.


GlamourGeek Boutique has shortened to become GlamGeek Boutique and the logo has changed:




I have been commissioned to make hats for Retroscope Fashions. I have scorched the midnight oil for a few weeks now and have sent off the hats to her and she loves them!!! I am sure that this will be a very wonderful partnership. Go to the website for AMAH-ZING steampunk and goth clothing. I plan on getting this skirt soon:

Also, in my hunt for affordable materials I happened upon a website that has beautiful trims and lace. Debs Lace &Trim sells for as little as $3.00 for 5 yards. Needless to say I ordered a whole lot of trim (130 yards for a whopping $47.00) including this loverly lace trim:

On an organizational note... During my grocery shopping today I found a case of Ball Pickle jars. Why is this significant? These jars look GREAT in my shelves and are transparent so I can see what is inside. The image below are extra large Ball jars and some short squat ones I got at wal-mart. I will post more pics when I get the supplies I want stored in them and on the shelves. 

Lastly, I am experimenting with making other hats. I am adding the mini bowler, mini tricorn and mini homburg hat to the inventory. I found a great tutorial on the Threadbanger blog on how to make your own hat form which I will be trying very soon. Shiloh does not like my new addition.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a very blessed Easter. He is risen!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Easter Promo

Easter is upon is and now is the time to get your pretty Easter bonnet. You will be the finest lady in the Easter parade!

Now until Saturday, April 7, 2012 GlamourGeek Boutique offers you a great discount. Use promo code EasterBonnet at checkout for 15% off your hat purchase. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Houston International Quilt Festival - Andi

First of all, gentle readers, let me preface this post with the following... I was foolish to think I would be able to pop in to see the show after work on a Friday. After being warned by my hubz and boss that this was an impossible feat, I tried it anyway... to NO avail. I only got a one day ticket, I planned on going in, picking up jelly rolls and getting out. I got my ticket went in and was overwhelmed by the shear enormity of the whole event.

I decided to put my blinders on and go directly to the dealer room. I rushed by the gallery of quilts into a cacophony of noise, fabric and people. It was awesome! I am definitely going back next year and taking more money. Some of the highlights (in my whole 2 hours there) are:

This is the R&S Design pattern system. You buy the boards with the patterns in them and there is a stylus/guide that you put into the grooves and you follow the grooves. I have never attempted quilting because I think know I will be a crap quilter. I do not have the patience to piece them either, but the quilting bit sounds fun and if I ever get to the point where I can afford this set up I will certainly try it!
This system works with any quilting set up. You just need to be able to mount the design boards on a flat surface. They let me try it out and it was so easy!
 This system takes the fear out of quilting.

I made a new friend also, I have to send a glamgeek shout out to Yvonne Barineau at Add Vintage. They have some AMAHZING vintage fabrics. My original reason to go to the show; I was looking for jelly rolls and nothing else. But I HAD to stop when I saw this!

 And this!

 And these!

The vintage trim totally derailed my search for jelly rolls. Namely because I did not want to spend more than my roll budget. Secondly because they were closing. 

IT wasn't a total loss, as I saw a few ladies wearing tiny hats and I passed out business cards. Now I just need to get some product in the etsy store

Lessons learned:

1. Buy a weekend pass.
2. Attend the event for the whole weekend.
3. Take my time.
4. Bring a friend. I can't lie, I felt a little lonely when I saw something cool and I had no one to say , "hey look at this" to.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Discovery Green Flea Day 2 - Andi

Yesterday was day 2 of the Discovery Green Flea. The weather was PHENOMENAL! The sun was shining and the park was packed with events. We had lots of foot traffic and a good response to our products. Here are a few pictures from the flea.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Craft room... finally! - Andi

So we got all of the furniture and boxes cleared out of the space and were left with the following:

The plan is to prime the walls and paint the room grey, add some flooring and then add all of my white bookcases. I have been pinning lots and lots of craft room ideas and have found some great storage solutions. I am really excited to finish the space. Ikea will be in the near future and I will post more pics as they come.

I have been derailed for a bit as I was in a car accident on Sunday, October 1, 2011 and have some whiplash issues. However, I have an AWESOME husband who is doing the majority of the work for me and I have faith that the room will be done in no time!