Sunday, September 18, 2011

Discovery Green Flea - Andi

Well the first day of the Discovery Green Flea was a wash... literally! The sky gave way to thunderstorms and we got soaked.

The day started off good, we got loaded up and headed out to find tent weights. Did you know that no one sells them. lol. I called around to so many places but no one had any. Thank God Sara, the coordinator, arranged to get us two. We set up and the buzz was generating. people were out and the weather was nice. Sammies food hats were a HUGE hit! Many people liked my hats and crayon cozies but I guess they didn't like the price because I hardly sold any. I am now thinking about altering my prices.

The rain came down pretty fast and we were caught with our pants down. The volunteers were running around and passing out tent covers but it was too late. Everything we had on the sides was soaked. Poor Sammie, her boxes of supplies were filled with water. All of my cardboard display items were drenched and all of my feathered items looked like a St Bernard had drooled on them. It was a sad sight. Our felt table cloths were sopping wet too. I didn't cry, but I wanted too. The rain never really let up. With the damaged items and sales I am a little in the hole but I am certain that the next Flea will be fruitful. in the mean time I will get these products up on etsy as soon as I can.

Lessons learned:

1. We need a bigger booth. We felt claustrophobic in that small space. We make custom orders as well so there was really no room to work.

2. Be prepared for everything. the rain really caught us off guard and if we had planned for it many losses would have been avoided.

3. Advertise more. Marketing is a good thing, we need to do more of it. Most people who came in said they didn't know about it.

4. A large wrap is not large enough.

5. These people need to cater my next event!

6. Food sells, even if it is fake and you wear it on your head.

7. Most people have no CLUE what a mini hat is for. Many people kept asking me if they were for dogs. lol I think I may need to put some clips on them for the next sale.

8. Do NOT post your frustrations about the rain on Facebook, you will be persecuted!

9. Need a better method of transporting products. Too many small bags/boxes etc...

Now, here are some pictures from the event:

I want to thank everyone for coming out, esp Jana & Juna. We had a great time in spite of the rain and are looking forward to next months event.

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